mindset-logo-directionThe impact of an individual’s mindset in relation to overall wellness and optimum performance cannot be overstated. This is because a person’s mindset is instrumental to their life outcome. It influences the way they perceive and react to daily life issues and determines their ability to have a fulfilled life experience or an unfulfilled one.

1.      Do you know that a person’s mind-set is instrumental to their victory or defeat? All that a person achieves and perceives starts in the mind considering that is where the germ that sprouts into their viewpoint is sown. Individuals who think less of themselves are positioned to achieve less while individuals who think highly of themselves are positioned to achieve more.

2.      The way an individual acts and reacts to an incident is influenced by the way the incident is construed based on the individual’s convictions, outlooks, notions and emotions. Basically, the way an individual scrutinizes and gives analysis of an issue is based on their established perception. This established perception could be productive or destructive. Therefore, it is important for individuals to become aware of those habitual ways of viewing events or how their established perception of events affect their life and make the conscious decision to make necessary changes where needed.

3.      Accordingly, a person’s belief system about their individual abilities and capabilities feed their behavior and foretells their achievements. Some of the fundamental beliefs an individual holds about themselves is based on what they see and accept to be their nature. According to a research conducted by Dr. Carol Dweck on the issue of mindset shows that “the view you adopt for yourself profoundly affects the way you lead your life. It can determine whether you become the person you want to be and whether you accomplish the things you value.” Therefore, in order for an individual to achieve their personal, relational, and occupational goals, they need to change their mindset which then brings about positive life changes.


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