Building Spiritual Intimacy in your marriage

bi_spiritual_intimacyIntimacy encompasses undertakings that foster a sense of unison or attachment. An enduring marital bliss demands that couples become soul mates in addition to being sexually and emotionally intimate. Becoming a soul mate entails spiritual intimacy. Spiritual Intimacy is “feeling that partners experience a sense of unity in things spiritual such as worship, prayer, private devotions how much they talk about spiritual issues, ways they react emotionally to spiritual things, ways they use their faith to cope with adversity, ways they use religious beliefs and values in daily life and the amount of emphasis they place on religion in their family and in their private life” (Worthington, 1999, p. 232-233). Therefore, it involves a meeting of the mind by couples regarding spirituality as it pertains to their matrimonial union and acting upon that agreement. Spiritual intimacy is characterized by joint participation in prayer, scriptural study, mass/church service, scriptural reading, fasting, corporal works of mercy, suffering and redemption etc. It is a never failing love that unlocks the gate to admiration, thanksgiving, and reverence. However, spiritual intimacy does not bring about a dispute free relationship; rather it brings about a relationship where couples mutually influence each other for the better. The presence of spiritual Intimacy in a union makes the marriage God’s harbor. With God’s presence in a marriage, couples display physical, emotional, and spiritual bond that deepens every passing day and tackle spiritual and religious matters amicably devoid of quarrel.

What are your thoughts on spiritual intimacy in marriage?


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2 thoughts on “Building Spiritual Intimacy in your marriage

  1. MunaA😊

    It’s easy to make anybody your life partner because you are mainly concerned with physical, emotional, socioeconomic and sometimes mental compatibility. But to connect with someone on a spiritual realm is divine. It’s a bond that makes two people into one entity that is inseparable no matter the tides. A marriage ordained by God and sustained by His Word is the springboard for transcending life partnership into a union of Soulmates.


    1. LMAF

      Thank you Muna for an awesome response. I totally agree with you that “A marriage ordained by God and sustained by His Word is the springboard for transcending life partnership into a union of Soul mates.” Any union not built on a solid foundation will definitely be washed away by raging storms. The perfect foundation for every union is indeed God.


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